fuzion spinner shark kneeboardfuzion spinner shark kneeboardfuzion spinner shark kneeboard

Fuzion Spinner Shark Kneeboard

Innovative Drifting Kneeboard

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Fuzion Spinner Shark presents maximum maneuverability with controlled steering braking mechanism to make360° fishtail spinning easy and have added stability. Fuzion’s Spinner Shark 360° Drifting Knee Board is designed to perform ground-shredding and tail-whipping in a playground and neighborhood sidewalk with its rear caster wheels. Powered by pumping action on our low profile deck provides stability while enjoying drifts, power slides and 360’s. Control the Spinner Shark with the responsive steering system and dual wheel braking system.

  • Composite Low profile deck offering balance, stabilty and comfort while performing drifts and power slides
  • Dual wheel braking system for safe and precise stopping
  • Heavy duty steel frame and cast urethane wheels
  • Innovative Drifting Kneeboard featuring 360°rear caster wheels