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Scooter Wheels by Fuzion

We offer a wide variety of scooter wheels including 100mm, 110mm,120mm sizes along with spoke core, full core and hollow core styles.Our scooter wheels will look and perform great on your scooter. Check our new arrivals!

Importance of Choosing the Right Scooter Wheels

The team at Fuzion Pro Scooters is often asked questions about what pro scooter wheels to buy and how to choose the best scooter wheels. There are many types of wheels on the market, and it is important that you match your wheels to your pro scooter and your skill level. The type of material that the wheel is made from, its size, shape, and tolerance all play a factor in determining how the wheel will perform. This article is an overview of the different types of pro scooter wheels and how to figure out what is the right type for you. So, let’s get into it.

What is Pro Scooter Wheel Hardness?

The scooter wheels hardness is ranked on a durometer scale of 0-100a with 100a being the hardest. Fuzion’s X-Series and Z-Series models rank 85 and above. For instance, our top of the line pro scooter Z375 has a durometer ranking of 88a. Furthermore, all Fuzion Scooter models, from intro level to high-end pro, come stock with high rebound PU wheels to ensure each scooter offers the smooth riding experience that is only possible with durable, quality materials. Firm pro scooter wheels are faster but not as grippy as softer wheels. Determining which scooter wheels are best for you depend on riding style, typically park riders prefer a firm scooter wheel. However, street riders will lean more towards softer wheels.

Why is the Diameter of a Scooter Wheel Important?

A scooter wheel with a bigger diameter is a taller wheel, and taller wheels are recommended for more advanced riders who will be cruising at faster speeds. Fuzion’s entry level scooters, such as the X5, are smaller in diameter than the high-end Z375 Scooter model, which comes stock with large 120mm wheels. While smaller wheels are more maneuverable, scooter wheels with a larger diameter will ensure a faster, softer ride. Some scooter wheels are 110mm x 28mm but we make ours 110mm x 24mm for optimal speed.

What is the Scooter Wheel Core?

The core, or hub, of a pro scooter wheel is usually either a solid or spoked core. Spoked core wheels are lighter, but can wear down quicker than solid full core wheels. Freestyle scootering is tough on the components, and so you want to make sure the core of your scooter wheel is made out of metal, not plastic. Dirt scooters are the outlier that have neither spokes or full cores. We aren't producing dirt scooters now but look out for them in the future.

Hollow Core VS. Classic Core

Hollow core wheels are relatively new on the pro scooter riding scene but have quickly become a staple. One of the reasons they are popular is their lighter weight and larger surface area which is perfect for placing graphics. Right now, we have 2 Hollow metal core options (Dead set Hollow cores & Spaceman hollow cores). For beginners we offer something hard to find these days the 100mm pro scooter wheel. Featured on the X-3 trick scooter our 100mm pro scooter wheels are full core and available in lots of colors. Get your scooter wheels set here! 100mm wheels are sold in pairs but 110mm and 120mm wheels are sold individually. Check your stunt scooter forks to make sure which wheels fit your application.

What are ABEC Bearings?

Pro scooters have wheel bearings that allow the wheels to spin smoothly. The Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) developed an industry accepted standard for the tolerance of precision bearings. The higher the number, the better your pro scooter wheels perform. The grades include 1,3,5,7, and 9. Fuzion Scooters uses ABEC 9 bearings for all our pro scooter models.

Signature Scooter Wheels

Our pro riders absolutely kill it! Tyler Chaffin and Bobby Rivas both compete in Nitro Circus. If you aren’t familiar with Nitro Circus, it’s the equivalent of the X-Games. Top tier riders need high quality scooter parts and our signature wheel fills that need. The Fuzion signature pro line features our hollow core pro scooter wheel 110mm in two themes: “Spaceman” & “Deadset”.

Pro Scooter Wheel Compatibility

Scooter wheels are made in various sizes, with the most popular being 110mm followed by 100mm and 120mm scooter wheels. Due to these varying scooter wheel sizes it's important to check the compatibility with your scooter before buying new scooter wheels.
We hope this article helps you understand the key differences in pro scooter wheels! Let us know which type of scooter wheel you think is best for you, and why you chose it. Post a pic on Instagram and tag @fuzionproscooter and #fuzionfam. Thanks for reading and remember to always wear a helmet when riding! Not sure which trick scooter to buy? Fuzion gift cards are a great idea so the receiver can select their own gift including pro scooters, scooter wheels and stunt scooter parts (scooter decks, scooter forks, scooter grips, scooter pegs, grip tape, scooter clamps, 100mm wheels, and 110 pro scooter wheels) We proudly offer free shipping promotions and 30 day return policy on scooter wheels. If you already ordered check your order status here All rights reserved Fuzion scooters, terms and conditions