Pro Scooters

Great completes!  Our complete pro scooters are built to meet the demands of all riders no matter the experience level. Our higher end completes are as capable as some custom pro scooters yet a fraction of the price.

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Pro Scooters by Fuzion

Fuzion Pro Scooters are some of the very best completes on the market. We have a solid product offering in the pro scooter segment known as the Z-Series. The Z-series completes are a collective of 4  scooters made specifically to fit the needs of riders at different skill levels.

The Fuzion Z250 is the first pro scooter in the line and is perfect for beginners. This scooter is really a top value at it’s price point. Featuring custom designed components like an aluminium deck, steel fork, chromoly riser bars and a nylon brake. Truly the Z250 is dialed right out of the box and is available in 4 distinct colorways.

Fuzion Z300 is the best scooter for riders heading into the intermediate level of riding. A true complete pro scooter with serious upgrades the Z300 includes features like chromoly Vert Riser Bars, 155 mm Hex Grips, CNC aluminum clamp, one piece sculpted steel fork all balanced with the Dose 110mm wheels. The Fuzion Z300 is a complete that is ready to handle the demands of top level riding.

Next up is the Fuzion Z350, this is truly a custom pro scooter that happens to come in one box. The Z350 is a scooter for riders ready to push the limits of scooter riding. Hours upon hours we’re invested into the components used on this scooter. It was designed to be light and durable the ideal package for the performance.

Our Antidote deck is used on the Z350, it measures 19.5 long by 4.75 wide. The headtube features a cutout that is beautifully cnc’d to provide a window to it’s all aluminum Sabre fork. To top off this amazing package the Z350 sits on the Fuzion Ace wheels; 120mm wheels with 6 spokes.  Light, tough and beautiful the Fuzion Z350 is available in two colors ways.

Last but not least the Fuzion Z375 is the ultimate Fuzion Pro Scooter. Hands down the Z375 is our best complete scooter to date. It features the all new Synth Deck measuring 20.5″ long by 4.75″ wide, this deck has an all new one piece forged and cnc’d neck/headtube. While the deck is a highlight the list of custom components on the Z375 are just as special. Custom components featured on the Z375 include all aluminum Sabre fork, Hex grips, Ace wheels, nylon Triad brake and our aluminum Fathom bars. Anyone who rides the Z375 will recognize the quality and attention to detail put into it’s design. Overall you will not be able to find better pro scooters than the Fuzion Z-series completes.