We take pride in our Team! Our group of guys are not only talented but are high character. The dedication they display towards their craft motivates us to continue to aspire to be a leader in the scooter industry and make the best possible products. Want to the join the team? Click here.

Pro Team

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Leo Spencer

  • Instagram: @Leospencerrr
  • Favorite Trick: Front Flairs
  • Local Park: The Works
  • Claim To Fame: Pink Helmet
  • Most Recent Edit: CLICK ME

Tyler Chaffin


Bobby Rivas

Dylan Sinclair

Dylan Sinclair

  • Instagram: @dylansinclairrr
  • Favorite Trick:
  • Local Park:
  • Claim To Fame:
  • Most Recent Edit:

Jordan Robles


Austin Kuentz

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Hugo Falconnat


Dan Lornie

  • Instagram: @DXNLORNIE
  • Favorite Trick: NO HANDER
  • Local Park: CORBY
  • Claim To Fame: UK FAMOUS
  • Most Recent Edit: Click Here
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Isiah Samms

  • Instagram: @isiah_sammss
  • Favorite Trick: Stanley flip or any 360 combo
  • Local Park: Colwick park and indoor park Adrenaline Alley
  • Claim To Fame: UK FAMOUS
  • Most Recent Edit: Isiah samms 2018

Amateur Team


Stone Straub

  • Instagram: @STONESTRAUB
  • Favorite Trick: FULL WHIP FINGER WHIP
  • Local park: TECUMSEH
  • Hometown: ONTARIO, CANADA

Daniel Ennis

  • Instagram: @DANIELENNIS19
  • Favorite Trick: INWARD BRI FLIP
  • Local park: ADRENALINE ALLEY
  • Hometown: CORBY, UK

Kian Daniels

  • Instagram: @KIANDANIELS16
  • Favorite Trick: KICKLESS REWIND
  • Local park: ASYLUM SKATEPARK
  • Hometown:DAVENTRY, UK

Tom Owen

  • Instagram: @tomowennnn
  • Favorite Trick: Front Flips & Nothing Front Scoots
  • Local park: Adrenaline Alley, Corby
  • Hometown: Corby, UK

Mia Catalano

  • Instagram: @_MIACATALANO_
  • Favorite Trick: FRONT BRI
  • Local park: CHINO
  • Hometown: SAN DIMAS, CA

Hunter Frost

  • Instagram: @hunterfrost_
  • Favorite Trick:
  • Local park:
  • Hometown:
  • Most recent edit:

Caleb Pratt

  • Instagram: @Caleb_pratt_
  • Favorite Trick: Any 360 trick, I like spinning!
  • Local park: Coolbellup and Spearwood
  • Hometown: Coolbellup, AU
  • Most recent edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79jiQVeS-iE
Troy Fields

Troy Field

  • Instagram: @trxyfield
  • Favorite Trick: Bri Butercup
  • Local park: Treaty Skatepark
  • Hometown: St. Augustine, FL
  • Recent edit: https://youtu.be/LcXL7DgcCMo

Kody Law

  • Instagram: @_kodylaw_
  • Favorite Trick:
  • Local park:
  • Hometown:

Brandon Watson

  • Instagram: @ITZ_BRANDON_YO
  • Favorite Trick: BACK FLIP
  • Local park: PRO RIDE
  • Hometown: MURRIETA, CA

Hayden Claeys

  • Instagram: @HAY_DOG_
  • Favorite Trick: FLAIR
  • Local park: MICHIGAN CITY
  • Hometown: MISHAWKA, IN

Flow Riders


  • Jaden Kikukawa – @lilbanger808
  • Tyler Bush –  @tylerbush769
  • Bam Apodoca – @bam.apodaca
  • Davion Salone – @DAVIONTHEOFFICIAL
  • Rachel Klein – @thatonescootergirl


  • Sam Turner – @samturnz


  • Dylan Bates  – @dylannbatesss
  • Tiger Moloney  – @tiger_moloney

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