What Pro Scooter to Buy?


You saw your friend doing a front flip in the skatepark and now you’re obsessed. We get it. Pro scooters are a lot of fun, make great transportation, and are easier to store than a bicycle. At Fuzion Pro Scooters, we design our pro models to accommodate any type of riding style, from easy gliding to extreme stunt performing. Now that you “see the light” and want to buy a pro scooter, you need all the nitty-gritty details to make an informed pro scooter purchase. Let’s get into it!

How to Choose the Best Pro Scooter To Buy

scooter skill level

There is an initial question to ask yourself that will help determine what pro scooter to buy. Ask yourself: are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider? When you ride a scooter that matches your riding level, you are riding the best pro scooter for YOU. This is important, and every accomplished rider knows, that what is the best scooter for your friend might not be best for you.

The second question you should ask yourself addresses your riding style. Ponder, “what kind of rider are you?” Are you the type of scooter rider that wants to perform grab tricks or do you want to shred every rail and ledge in sight? Both? All of the Z-Series pro scooter models come with decks in different sizes. If you like whipping-style tricks, like tailwhips or front flips, you should consider a slightly smaller deck. If you like to grind handrails, longer decks are generally better.

scooter body type and size

The last piece to consider when choosing what pro scooter to buy is your physique. If you are tall (5’10” or taller) and have big feet (size 10 or larger), you will be more pleased with a scooter with higher handlebars and a deck that offers ample foot space. Unlike BMX bikes, where smaller is better for tricks, pro scooters need to “fit” the rider in order to safely and effectively perform tricks.  Regardless of your shape and size, Fuzion has a Z-series pro scooter that will meet your current needs and also help you advance. The next big thing to consider is how much cash you have to throw down on a scooter.

How Much Do Pro Scooters Cost?

best prices on scootersIt is important to investigate the quality of the scooter material and components to make sure you know what you are buying. A cheaply made pro scooter might only cost $50, while a high quality pro scooter can cost hundreds of dollars. You do not want to end up with a scooter that falls apart because you landed hard while practicing jumps. Fuzion Pro Scooters manufactures each of our pro models from high-quality material that is developed by scientists and tested by our professional team of riders.

Another benefit to owning a Fuzion pro scooter is that it will meet your riding level, and also take you to the next echelon of pro scooter riding. For example, buying our beginner pro scooter model, such as the  Z300 ($120-$150 standard), will serve the rider well into his/her intermediate phase. Advanced riders should check out the Z375 ($260 standard) for the most buttery, responsive, and fast scooter that Fuzion has on shelves in 2019!

Choosing a poor quality scooter just because it’s a cheap price is often a waste of money, or even could result in injury. Throwing down just a couple hundred bucks will buy you a Fuzion Z250 or Z300 and a helmet. These models are lower-priced pro scooters that do not compromise the quality of the material, which in turn, will ensure you are not compromising your own body. Hit up a pro scooter shop in your local area to get more information. The staff at the store will guide you towards a safe and suitable scooter for your needs.


Where Can I Buy a Pro Stunt Scooter?

Interested buyers can purchase their dream scooter through our website under the [shop] tab. Fuzion Pro Scooters are also sold on Amazon. If you need more specification information on each model, the [completes] tab on our website offers the details of each model. Also, we totally understand if you need to actually stand on and test ride different models to get a feel for what you like the best. That’s why we added a dealer locator on our website. To find the store closest to you that sells Fuzion Pro Scooters, type your location into the search bar. Lastly, if you have any other questions about where you can buy a pro scooter, give us a yodel by sending a message to our support staff.

Can I Get a Pro Scooter For Free?

We hear this question often, and the answer is POSSIBLY. The best way to try to get a complete pro scooter or after market part upgrades for free is by participating in Fuzion Pro Scooter giveaway contests held on Instagram and YouTube. You can stay up to date by following @fuzionproscooter and #fuzionfam.

I hope this article guides you towards a sleek and suitable pro scooter purchase! Let us know which model you think is best for you, and why you chose it. Comment below! Thanks for reading, and remember to always wear a helmet when riding!