How to Put Together your Fuzion Scooter

How to build a scooter

Before You Put Together Your New Pro Scooter

Fuzion makes it very simple to put together one of our pro scooters. The package that ships to your door has the tools you need to quickly assemble the scooter parts and get riding right away. In this article, we will explain in detail how to best assemble your new Fuzion pro scooter. First things first, though. Let’s quickly run through safety tips before putting together your scooter. Performing the following steps is a mature approach to riding a scooter. It will help you maintain a good image and set an example as a well-informed and, overall, solid scooter rider.

  • Always wear a secure helmet and protective gear, such as knee and elbow pads
  • Check that your shoelaces are double-knotted before riding
  • Check and secure all clamps, bolts, and fasteners before every ride
  • Test the brakes by riding very slowly and pressing down
  • Spin the wheels to make sure they move freely
  • Plan to ride in an area without icy, sandy, rocky or wet conditions
  • Replace worn out parts immediately by emailing

Now that you know the basic safety protocol necessary before every ride, it’s time to put together your new pro scooter. Following the steps below, in order and with attention to detail, will ensure your scooter is ready to ride.

How To Put Together a Fuzion Pro Scooter

The first step to assembling your Fuzion pro scooter is to take all parts and tools out of the box. Do not leave anything in the box. Make sure to read the owner’s manual. If you are underage, it is best to go over the manual with a parent or guardian. Prepare to put together your pro scooter by taking all plastic and packaging off of the scooter parts and tools, and spreading them out on the floor.

put together fuzion scooter

1. Check the shim inside the headset for wiggle room. If it needs to be adjusted, tighten the bolt until there is no headset wobble and the fork rotates freely (See image 1). Place the down-tube and handlebars into the clamp above the headset and tighten the bolts. All of the Fuzion Pro Scooter models come with the correct Allen wrench for the three bolts on the clamp, so no need to break out the tool box.

put together fuzion scooter 12. Slide the t-shaped handlebars (t-bars) over the fork. Rotate the clamp until the opening is back-center. You want the three bolts to be on the backside of the tube, closest to the rider.


put together fuzion scooter3. Once you aligned the t-bar, use the Allen wrenches to evenly tighten the three bolts on the clamp. Use a medium amount of pressure to tighten these bolts. You do not want to under-tighten them and risk the handlebars slipping around while you are riding. You also do not want to over-tighten them and risk stripping the bolt.


Having Trouble Putting Together Your Pro Scooter?

We totally understand if you would rather have a professional put your scooter together for you. Our dealer locator on our website can find the store closest to you that sells Fuzion Pro Scooters. Type your location into the search bar to find out where you can take your scooter to get it dialed in by a professional.

Once you get your Fuzion scooter dialed in and ready to go, post a pic on Instagram with the hashtag #fuzionfam and tag @fuzionproscooter . We can’t wait to see the new ride! Thanks for reading, and remember to always wear a helmet!