Fuzion X-3 vs X-5 What Are The Differences?

Fuzion X-3 vs Fuzion X-5

This question gets asked a lot, “what is the difference between the Fuzion X-3 & X-5?” So we are going to dive right into what separates our X-3 beginner pro scooter from our X-5 beginner-intermediate pro scooter. The key difference between these two scooters is that the X-3 is designed for beginner riders, while the X-5 is designed for beginner and intermediate riders. Both scooter designs are tough and simplistic, helping riders to easily determine what features and components will help them advance their skills. For instance, if you discover that you really like performing grab tricks, then you will benefit from different features than a rider who loves to shred every rail and ledge in sight.

What Are The Differences Between The X-3 and X-5 Wheels?

x-3 vs x-5 wheels

The X-3 has 100mm metalized ABS composite-core wheels chosen for their durability and heavy street riding potential. The X-5, on the other hand, is equipped with 100mm, 5-spoke, aluminum-core wheels that are lighter and faster. As riders advance towards an intermediate level, they naturally develop the coordination and skill to ride faster, so we made sure the wheels on the X-5 accommodate this key difference.

Are The Handlebars Really That Different?

x-3 vs x-5 handlbars

Another variation is in the handlebar design of the X-3 and the X-5 pro scooters. The bars on the X-3 are high-tensile steel v-bars designed for more control in beginner tricks, such as tailwhips and jumping. However, we also made sure they are tough enough to endure endless trial-and-error practice sessions as beginner riders work on advancing to the intermediate level.



x-3 and x-5 barsSimilarly, the X-5 handlebars are high-tensile steel v-shaped bars, but are reinforced with a small cross bar for even more control and strength. This is because the X-5 scooter is for a beginner-intermediate rider who will likely be working on more advanced tricks, such as the double tail whip and 180 barspin. The handlebars need to offer the rider total control while practicing these intermediate scooter tricks.




We understand why the distinctions might be hard to identify. There are some similarities between both the X-3 and X-5 scooter models. This is because the Fuzion team analyzed both models, and determined which parts needed to remain identical to ensure strength and safety, and which parts needed to vary to accommodate different skill levels. For example, both the X-3 and X-5 feature a box-shaped aluminum deck that is ideal for tricks like tail whips and board slides. Both scooters also have a newly-designed aluminum neck that is both strong and lightweight, and the 3D-stamped steel fork accommodates both 100mm and 110mm wheels. Lastly, the brake on both scooter models is a nylon/steel brake that is noise-free and strong.

We hope this answer helps. Let us know in the comments below if we did not make it clear how the X-3 and X-5 differ. We always enjoy receiving your questions, comments, praises, and criticisms. Thanks and remember to always wear a helmet when riding!


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