Best Fuzion Pro Scooters

best fuzion scooters

Is Fuzion The Best Pro Scooters Manufacturer in the World?


In 2019, Fuzion Pro Scooters is ranked as manufacturer of some of the best pro scooters in the world. We’re not the only ones who think so, either. Many of our Z-series models continue to make “top 10 pro scooters” lists on unaffiliated scooter review sites. Furthermore, our pro team members have notorious “claim to fame” tricks that are possible because Fuzion designs scooters to help good riders become great, and great riders become innovative, like Tyler Chaffin and his infamous Triple Front Flip. Regardless of whether you require the best pro scooter for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, Fuzion’s pro scooters design team has you covered.

Top 3 Fuzion Scooters are:

  1. Fuzion Z375 Complete Scooter
  2. Fuzion Z350 Complete Scooter
  3. Fuzion Z300 Complete Scooter

How We Design Our Top Pro Scooters

fuzion scooters design process
Fuzion Z300 wire frame, all Fuzion stunt scooters are designed for performance and durability.

At Fuzion, we love to receive questions about our pro scooter models’ specifications. Our design team is competitive and uses cutting-edge technology. Questions and feedback from you help us stay ahead of the curve in designing our pro scooter models, year after year. Fuzion Pro Scooters takes the feedback we receive from both our customers and our team of professional riders, and hands it over to pro scooter design experts. Then, our core staff works directly with the designers to ensure each Fuzion pro model meets the demands of all of our riders. So, which model is best suited for you?

How To Choose The Best Pro Scooters

Choosing the best pro scooter comes down to a few questions. The first question to ask is, are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider? Make sure you are honest with the answer to this question, so you pick the absolute best stunt scooter for YOU. Other pertinent questions that you need to ponder include the following: What kind of pro scooter tricks do you want to perform? How much moolah do you have to spend on a pro scooter? These questions act as a guide, but you’ll know your perfect Fuzion pro scooter when you see it. You will find that as you provide answers to the questions, your pro scooter choices becomes narrower and narrower until you zero in on THE ONE – the trick scooter that is meant to be yours.

Most importantly, do not worry about where you sit on the spectrum of scooter riders, and know that what is the best ride for your friend might not be best for you. Fuzion offers pro scooters to a wide range of riders so, regardless of your riding style and level, we have a stunt scooter in our X-Series or Z-Series that will (1) meet your current needs and (2) help advance you to the next echelon of pro scooter riding and scooter trick performance. Keep reading to learn more about the Fuzion X-Series trick scooter models, and how they differ from the Z-series pro scooters.

What Are the X-Series’ Entry Level Stunt Scooters?

The X-Series pro kick scooters by Fuzion are beginner trick scooters designed for kids. If you are looking to buy an entry level scooter for your child, Fuzion has two models from which to choose in our X-Series. Both the X-3 and X-5 pro models are high quality, affordable kick scooters that are specifically designed for learning and practicing beginner scooter stunts. All of our pro models are “pro scooter completes,” which means they come out of the box with only three bolts to tighten before they are ready to ride.

Specs of the X-Series Pro Scooters For Kids

Both of the X-Series beginner scooter models come stocked with a 4” deck cut from high strength, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. This is high quality material that can easily handle the landing impact of endless practice jumps and big air. Furthermore, the handlebars on both the X-3 and X-5 pro scooters are high-tensile steel v-bars designed for more control while practicing beginner tricks, such as tailwhips and jumping. Lastly, both the X-3 and X-5 beginner stunt scooters are tested by the Fuzion Scooters team of professional riders to ensure they are the perfect entry level scooter for kids to start riding like a pro. The only question now is whether the Fuzion X-3 Pro or the Fuzion X-5 Pro is right for your child. To read over the key differences between our two entry level trick scooters, head over to the article, “Fuzion X-3 vs X-5 What Are The Differences?

What Z-Series Scooter Should I Get After the Fuzion X-5 Stunt Scooter For Kids?

Fuzion Scooters designs high end scooters for every riding style and skill level. The Fuzion Z250 pro scooter is our most affordable and is suited for beginner-intermediate trick scooter riders who are graduating from the Fuzion X-Series entry level scooters for kids. If you need a trick scooter that will last through long afternoons practicing scooter tricks and street riding, the Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter is an excellent choice. The Z250 pro deck is bigger than the deck on both X-3 and the X-5 stunt scooters for kids, and the top is a concave design made for grinding and grab tricks.  Our goal with the Z250 pro is to offer an economically priced, all-terrain stunt scooter that does not compromise quality. This pro trick scooter is an all-in-one package for the beginner to intermediate rider.

Best Fuzion Pro Scooter For a Beginner Rider

Fuzion Z300 pro scooter

fuzion z300 #3 best fuzion scooter
Fuzion Z300 pro scooter shown in the “Rage” colorway, Z300 pro scooter is the best value trick scooter buy on the market today.

The Fuzion Z300 pro is, hands-down, the ultimate best pro scooter for beginner riders. Unlike many other beginner scooters on the market today, this intro Z-series model accommodates a rider well into his/her intermediate phase. The Fuzion Z300 pro scooter durability is the result of extremely well-built material and components, and is unprecedented in a beginner pro scooter. If you are ready to use and abuse your new pro scooter, this is the model for you! The Z300 pro is extremely durable yet lightweight, and designed with intent. The moderately wide and aluminum deck (19.5” x 4.5”) gives the rider ample foot space. Also, the slightly concave design (3°) is great for whipping-style tricks, such as tail whips and barspins. Furthermore, the internal hidden compression system (IHC) and high precision aluminum core wheels (ABEC 9 bearings) allow for responsive, smooth turning action at high speeds. Whether you enjoy riding in the skate park or on the streets, the Fuzion Z300 pro scooter will serve you incredibly well.

Best Fuzion Pro Scooter For an Intermediate Rider

Fuzion Z350 pro scooter

fuzion z350 #2 best fuzion scooters
Fuzion stunt scooters are well built and look great too. Fuzion Z350 shown in the “Northern Lights” colorway.

Intermediate riders looking for the best pro scooter for this ability level will want to check out the Fuzion Z350. With this top pro scooter model, you get a gnarly all-terrain scooter in a sleek, upgraded design. The Z350 aluminum deck is slightly concave (3°) for the best whipping action, but a little bit longer and a little bit wider than the Z300. In other words, it is guaranteed to handle all tricks and obstacles you throw at it. The chromoly steel t-bars are nothing short of classy and, measuring in at 25” tall and 22” wide, they accommodate any rider.  Last but not least, unlike most complete pro models you see on the market, the Z350 comes standard with custom 120mm aluminum core wheels and an aluminum fork. Basically, this scooter is an all-in-one package for the intermediate rider.

Best Fuzion Pro Scooter For an Advanced Rider

Fuzion Z375 pro scooter

#1 best fuzion pro scooters Z375
Upgrading the Z300 pro scooter the Z375 adds a forged neck, 120mm aluminum core wheels, aluminum “Fathom” bars, “Fuzion” logo cut into the grip tape.

For those of you who have put the blood, sweat, and time into becoming a super skilled, advanced rider, I present to you the Fuzion Z375 Pro Scooter. From grab tricks to speed to evenly-distributed landings, Z375 stunt scooters are built for the technical performance of the most advanced riders. Fuzion’s signature design deck, measuring 4.75 x 20.5 inches, offers the rider ample foot space and evenly distributes weight and impact force. We redesigned the grip tape, upgrading to an extremely durable material that will not chip under pressure. The Z375 also comes standard with 120mm wheels and plush 155mm grips. The grips, made from Fuzion’s own rubber compound, are, well, the best feeling grips you will ever experience. They break in quickly and form like marshmallows to your palms. Furthermore, the clamp on the Z375 trick scooter is super tight yet allows for smooth and fast spinning. With all this technology weighing in under 8 pounds, the advanced rider will not be disappointed.

We hope this post helps everyone understand which Fuzion Pro Scooter to buy. Let us know which model you think is best for you and why. Comment below! If you are looking to buy a scooter for a younger rider we recommend the Fuzion X-Series scooters including the Pro X-3 gold and the Pro X-5 Thanks for reading “The Best Fuzion Scooters” article and remember to always wear a helmet when riding!