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All around best Pro Scooter for park & street riding.


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  HIC compression system and premier components.


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High end performance.SCS and aluminum bars


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The best beginners Pro Scooter for learning tricks and getting comfortable on a scooter.

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Stage 2 of the Fuzion Elite Series.The X-5 picks up where the X-3 leaves off.

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Fuzion Logo Grip Tape

Clean, Classic and Grippy. Fits most Pro Scooters

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New Wheels
Fuzion “Low Pro” Wheels

The new for 2015 Fuzion “Low Pro” 110mm pro scooter wheel is the result of months and months of research and testing. These wheels feature a 7-Spoke core and are designed to provide the fastest possible ride.

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About Pro Scooters

Pro Scooter riding is one of the newer extreme sports that involves a skilled rider performing tricks such as tail whips, bar spins and feeble grinds. Due to skate parks not being in every neighborhood in the world most riders start riding on any smooth surface that can find to get comfortable riding and maneuvering their scooters. However riding the same flat surface over and over can get quite redundant and a scooter rider will want to progress. Pro Scooter riders are exactly like every other extreme sport in this regard that the main underlying goal is PROGRESSION landing a trick or completing a grind that you’ve never done before and later mastering the trick adding it to your arsenal.

Places to Ride

Skate parks are the most common places to ride, they usually offer a wide array of obstacles that will keep any rider content. At the typical skate park you’ll see ledges, quarter pipes, rails, spines and bowls all presenting their distinct challenges and opportunities for specific tricks.
Street riding is probably the most popular form of scooter riding amongst city dwellers for two reasons…they often times don’t have access to a skate park and some just prefer street scooter riding. To a rider the street presents a unique set of obstacles that usually can’t be found anywhere else in the world (cities all have different architecture). Riding street on your pro scooter you’ll come across gaps, ledges, hubbas, hand rails, speed bumps, traffic dividers and stair sets the list is really endless and limited only by the rider’s imagination. Street riding offers unique opportunities for certain lines and combinations that aren’t wouldn’t be possible at most skate parks.

Pro Scooter Components

A pro scooter is composed of a few different key pieces the Deck, Bars, Fork, Wheels, Brake, Pegs and Headset.

Decks have come a long way since the early kick scooters. Now decks are designed in a all sorts of innovative ways to increase durability and performance. Our Fuzion Z300 and Z400 models both offer the Dog Bone deck designed for stability and smooth grinding.
Handle bars are typically made using one of two materials either 4130 Chromoly or 6061 aluminum. Fuzion uses Chromoly bars on both of our pro scooter models. The standard bar height is usually between 18 and 24 inches but can be customized to fit any riders height. Many pro scooter riders these days are designing their own signature bars.
Also different from the early days the scooter fork has evolved from the traditional Razor style fork which wasn’t very durable to the modern thread less forks. The thread less fork uses a compression system to mate the fork to the handle bars. Our Fuzion Z300 pro scooter uses a HIC compression system (Hidden internal compression system).
Wheels:Early kick scooter wheels were made of plastic which wore down or broke and were deemed useless relatively fast. The current standard of scooter wheel is a machined aluminum core and a durable outer layer of urethane.
Almost all pro scooters right now are utilizing the flex fender styled braking system. In short this system is a thin piece of metal stationed just about the rear wheel. When pressed down with the foot this piece of metal causes friction on the rear wheel causing the rider to slow down or stop.
A pro scooters headset is basically the same as the one found on a bmx bicycle. The headset mates with the fork, in the case with all of the Fuzion pro scooters the headset is mated to the fork via a HIC compression system.

Fuzion Pro Scooters

Fuzion has an incredible line of Pro Scooters including the Z300 and Z400. Z300 and Z400 make up Fuzion Scooter’s current Pro Model lineup.These Fuzion Pro Scooters are some of the very best on the market for performing tricks like tail whips and feeble grinds. A key component to the Fuzion Pro Scooter line is the competitive price point. We have two great options at 149.99 and 399.99. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go with the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter or the 400 Fuzion Pro Scooter you’ll be getting best Pro Scooter you can get for the money. Fuzion’s Pro Models are a blast to ride and will meet the demands of seasoned riders and beginners. All of our scooters are engineered to be sturdy and stable to make complicated tricks as easy as possible to pull off.

Our scooters are built to last, as Fuzion doesn’t manufacture inferior products. The Z300 Pro Scooter features a TG-6061 Aluminum Deck & Neck, 110mm PU & Cast Aluminum Wheels, Steel Lightweight Fork, Sealed Headset Bearings, Chromoly Bars, Triple Headset Clamp, Flex Style Break and an HIC Compression System. Our higher end model the Z400 Pro Scooter features a 1.5″ lower headset bearing, 6061 T6 Heat Treated Aluminum Box Deck, Forged & CNC Aluminum Fork, Integrated Front Grinding Pegs, HIC Compression System, Flex Brake and Integrated Rear Pegs. The luxurious rubber grips we use provide the rider with maximum comfort during leisurely cruises or aggressive sessions.

Fuzion Trick Scooters

Our Fuzion Pro X-3 is a great trick scooter. The Pro X-3 is the ideal introductory pro scooter for any rider to transition from normal riding into learning and perfecting tricks. The design of the Pro X-3 includes a lightweight box deck that allows easy and smooth grinds. Built with durability in mind this trick scooter also features high-strength handlebars with rubber grips for hand comfort. This Fuzion trick scooter comes in 5 different colorways.

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