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4 Wheel Scooters

Fuzion 4 Wheel Scooters
Browse our line of insanely fast carving 4 wheel scooters featuring the popular Sport & Asphalt scooters.

Pro Scooters

Fuzion Pro Scooters
Check out the Z300 along with our complete line of Pro Scooters.


Fuzion Kneeboards
Our kneeboards feature 180 degree steering, fast urethane wheels and dual wheel braking technology!

Pro Scooter by Fuzion

We are very proud and excited about our new line of Fuzion Pro Scooters.The Z300 Pro Scooter is a mid-level pro scooter that was designed after listening to rider feedback. This particular scooter features our innovative Fuzion Dog-Bone deck design originally introduced in the top tier Z400 model. The Dog Bone deck design makes the Z300 Pro Scooter durable yet light, perfect for smooth grinds. Z300 is a great choice for street and park riding as we've manufactured it to be competition ready right out of the box. Fuzion is also excited to be introducing the new Z400 Pro Scooter. Our new Z400 has been outfitted with a 6061 T6 Aluminum Box Deck with integrated grinding pegs designed for improved grind balance. This all new Z400 is the first complete Pro Scooter to feature an oversized 1.5″ lower headset bearing for better impact distribution. We also included a forged & CNC Aluminum Fork that provides strength while keeping weight down. The rear grinding pegs are integrated with a CNC rear wheel hanger, which does not require wheel spacers. Last but not least the Z400 Pro Scooter's Chromoly handle-bar is held into place with our newly designed Lightweight Strangler Clamp. Believe us when we say the Z400 is Dialed straight out of the box and competition-ready! Even we were surprised when it weighed in at only 8 lbs with all these premium components.

Adult Kick Scooter by Fuzion

At Fuzion we don't only cater to aggressive Scooter riders, we pride ourselves on having scooters for everyone. For someone looking for a smooth and comfortable ride in a two wheeled design our CityGlide model is perfect! This Adult Kick Scooter is sturdy, light weight and durable all the while maintaining great ergonomics.The Fuzion CityGlide provides a superior and fast ride for users on the go. With oversized wheels and a lightweight durable frame, the CityGlide is the perfect adult kick scooter. Unlike our other models City Glide is designed specifically for a speedy commute or a trip around town. This model is ideal for users that need to get somewhere in a hurry.To learn more and see the complete details on the CityGlide click here.

Freestyle Scooters

Freestyle Scooter riders know that the quality of their scooter is of the utmost importance. There is a significant different between a scooter designed to handle the wear and tear of freestyle riding verses one designed for cruising. For optimal performance one’s freestyle scooter should meet certain specifications when it comes to weight, height and strength. All of these factors differentiate depending on the rider’s weight, height and skill level. Fuzion has achieved the perfect balance in the Z300 and Z400 models as these scooters both meet the highest standards right out of the box, allowing a rider to have no doubts about their equipment while performing tricks.

Kids Scooters

Many parents find it a struggle to find something entertaining for their children that will get them off the couch. Our selection of Scooters for Kids is what parents have been looking for. No matter the age of your children we have a scooter that will provide hours of fun and exercise. Three great models for children include the Spinner Shark Kneeboard, Jump X pogo stick scooter and the Sport 4 Wheeled Scooter. For more information on our Kid's Scooters click here.

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